Why You Can't Get Coaching Clients

Updated: Feb 11

Within every industry, there are those magical people that seem to attract all the exciting opportunities and all the high paying clients, with little to no effort.

You are probably aware of people like this within your industry.

They get recommendations constantly.

They get chased by clients, not the other way round

They get chased by opportunities, not the other way round.

You're probably wondering why this never seems to happen to are a few common areas that hold my clients back from getting more bookings.

Nobody knows how you can help

People know that you're a coach, but they don't know how you can help them specifically. Your potential clients don't care about the majority of the things that you think they do, they only care about the results that you can create in their life, so instead of just trying to convince people that you are amazing, you need to convince them that you are the solution to their problems (pain). If a person has a pain, and you can solve that pain, then they will happily hire you to do so. Stop being general and trying let people know about every single service that you provide, and clearly define solutions to their problems. Nobody cares that you are a coach, they only care about SPECIFIC RESULTS that you can/will create in their life.

Don't know where to find clients

Once you know what kind of people you're trying to target, and what pain you are going to solve for them, it makes finding and converting these people much easier. If you were a mindset coach, you could create a list of ways you could solve pain points for athletes and then get in front of athletes in any way possible. Approach sports clubs, join sporting groups on Social Media, ask around your social circles for athletes that could benefit from your service. This advice applies to every industry, you must be more targeted with your promotion and advertisement. Think of your target audience (pick an audience where you understand their problems and pain points.) and then make a list of EVERYWHERE you can find them, and then approach them with an offering on how you are going to solve their problems, you'll be amazed at the results. Imagine someone approaching you, telling you they can solve your specific issue that you have been struggling with, you have much more chance at converting prospects into clients.

You're not providing enough upfront value

You must provide as much free value as possible, as this shows your potential customer that you are knowledgable on a specific subject and can solve their issues. You don't need to give all your services and skills away for free, but you can be creating value with things such as educational videos, e-books, blog posts or cost-effective giveaways that give a preview into your world and way of working. This free content allows people to build their trust in you and build an emotional connection to you, which makes them much more likely to be able to part with their hard-earned cash to work with you.

There you go, a few insights that can be used to start attracting in more clients. Get clearer about who you're helping and how you can help them, make a list of places that you can find these people and then provide as much upfront value to them. I promise you'll be amazed at the results, let me know how they work for you. I love getting messages from coaches every day telling me how much these simple tweaks can make such a drastic different to their coaching practice.

Remember, information is only valuable when acted on, so take this information away and TAKE ACTION on it.


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