The Step-By-Step Process To Growing Your Coaching Business

Within every industry, there are those magical people that seem to attract all the exciting opportunities and all the high paying clients, with little to no effort.

You are probably aware of people like this within your industry.

They get recommendations constantly.

They get chased by clients, not the other way round

They get chased by opportunities, not the other way round.

These people have positioned themselves as experts and are reaping the benefits of this on a daily basis, meaning they can provide more value, therefore earn more money, as income is directly related to how much value you can provide. Here is my step-by-step process that I use with my clients which is going to allow you to start taking massive leaps towards becoming one of those magical people who are attracting all the clients and the opportunities.

1.Specialist vs Generalist

It’s time to become a sought-after expert instead of struggling against all the others generalists. Every single person on this planet has problems / pain points that they will happily pay to get rid of or find a solution for. Become known as a coach that specialises in providing a solution to a specific problem.

Action Point: Ask yourself: “If you could become known for achieving one specific outcome for all of your clients, what would it be?”

2. Specific Individuals

Now you know exactly what problem your solution fixes, it’s time to get crystal clear on the types of people who suffer from these problems…these people are desperately searching for someone who can help them fix the problems that they have. Once you know your ideal client, you can make a list of places that you can find these people…then it’s time to find them & connect with them.

Action Point: Ask yourself: “What type of person would happily pay me to assist them in achieving this specific outcome?”
BONUS ACTION: Make a list of places you can find these people. Online or offline (the real world)

3. Share Value

Once you have connected with these individuals, share value with them as this is going to boost your credibility and become known as an expert who is viewed as the perfect candidate to help them solve their problems and progress towards their goals. Share valuable tools and insights through e-books, blogs, conversations, social media content etc. Online or offline, these individuals are dying to test your insights, tools and resources out.

Action Point: You know the person that wants the solution that you are providing. Connect with them and provide them as much value as you can through the tools & techniques mentioned above. Prove your expertise, provide value & make them hungry for more of your products & services.

4. Structured Services

You’ve connected with your ideal client, you’ve provided them lots of value and they want to know what’s next…which means you need to have structured services & packages with a pricing structure in place. Services and packages that clearly communicate the outcome they have been created to achieve, allowing the potential customer to invest their hard-earned money with confidence.

Action Point: Create different packages that all help your target audience achieve the specific outcome that they desire. Try a Bronze, Silver & Gold package structure. Don’t be worried about charging higher for your expertise. People are happy to pay for your expertise if it will help them achieve a specific outcome.

5. Sales

Your packages will be clearly defined and created with a specific outcome in mind. You’ve clarified who your ideal client & they desperately want someone to provide a solution to their problem. Your service provides a solution to their problem and you’ve proved your expertise in this area with all the value you’ve provided up front…the prospect will be eager to see how much more they can benefit from your expertise, by going onto one of your paid plans. No cold-calling. No more awkward forced sales calls. It’s time to let the clients & the opportunities chase you, not the other way around.

Action Point: Like we’ve just have all the parts for your plan, it’s time to start TAKING ACTION on it and reaping the benefits. What are you waiting for?


Action creates results. Action creates momentum. Action creates opportunity. Action creates growth. And the most important question you can ask yourself, if you don’t take action now... then when? Too many people are stuck in their comfort zone or suffer from analysis paralysis meaning they get so caught up on taking the right actions, that they freeze and don’t take any. I used to be addicted to consuming information and trying to find the perfect life changing tips, life hacks and strategies that were going to transform my life, but it turns out, the only advice that is any good, is the one that you take action on.


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