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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Within every industry, there are those magical people that seem to attract all the exciting opportunities and all the high paying clients, with little to no effort.

You are probably aware of people like this within your industry. From working with coaches and understanding their core issues, I developed the 5S Formula, which allows them to become positioned as an authority and get all those magical opportunities. Here is the 5S process, learn it, and take action on it.

1. Smart

The world is changing, no longer is it the hardest worker who earns the most, it is the people who work smart, constantly playing to their strengths and optimising their time. You are already knowledgable in your area of expertise, or else you wouldn’t be a coach, but without a system that optimises your time and resources, you will be left wondering why you are working so hard for such minimal results. No more wasted time, no more scrolling through Facebook waiting for a new client to appear out of nowhere (we’re all guilty of this.) By picking a niche within your chosen industry, you give yourself the opportunity to build your credibility as an expert in a specific area

2. Strategies

I’ve seen this over and over again when going through discovery exercises with coaches, and they suddenly realise that they are sitting on an absolute gold-mine of knowledge waiting to be used. Instead of waiting to be able to use a specific strategy with a client, you can create assets such as downloadable PDF’s, youtube videos and blog posts with these strategies, and these will build your credibility as well as attract new clients in. Win-Win. We all love win-wins.

3. Scalable

How big do you want to go? How big do you realistically think you can go? The answers normally vary quite a bit, because the struggle of getting your coaching business started and then growing can be much tougher than initially expected, causing us to shrink our goals and dreams to be more ‘realistic’, not knowing that if we just worked a little bit smarter and gave ourselves the advantages that the industry leaders are using, we would be able to scale our business automatically. With a branded website, you can stack up prospects, book appointments, take payments and grow your audience, all while you sleep.

4. Strengths

To say we’re all unique is a cliche thing to say, but it is true nevertheless. You have strengths that you can develop and master even more, and you have weaknesses that are actually strengths disguised with negative beliefs and perceptions. I always got in trouble at school because I would always talk to anyone that was around me and entertain them which quickly got me the reputation as a class clown, and from this label, I began to think that my outgoing and entertaining nature was a negative side of me that I should hideaway, but as the years have gone on and I have worked with people from so many different backgrounds, this has been one of my biggest strengths as it allows me to connect and build rapport with people much quicker. Take a minute to think of any ‘weaknesses’ that you might have, that are actually strengths disguised as limiting beliefs because you EVERY person I have worked with so far, this has been true.

5. Successful

Have you ever seen someone who was clearly an expert in whatever field they worked in? How did they make you feel? Positioning yourself as an expert allows people to confidently invest their time, attention & commitment into you. So many coaches I have worked with have lots of awards, certificates, qualifications, case studies and testimonials just sitting around gathering dust, not know that they could be using these same things as credibility building assets. You are good enough at what you do to coach people, so brand and position yourself in the same way.

Remember, information is only valuable when acted on, so take this information away and TAKE ACTION on it.

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