How to get a new client TODAY

Updated: Feb 11

Stop overcomplicating your coaching journey, you don't always need a new complicated strategy to gain yourself new clients on a consistent basis, you must be providing value and helping your clients with specific pain points & help to create transformations within their lives. I know the following strategy works, as I've used it for myself & with numerous clients, but it can easily be overlooked as coaches love an elusive pursuit for a magical strategy that grows their business on automation while they sleep, but if you are ready to take action and actually create results for yourself, carry on reading...

Pain Point(s)

A pain point is something that causes pain for your client, whether it's physical, mental, financial or spiritual pain. It is so important to know what pain points your potential client is struggling with, because your services should be a fix to whatever the issue may be. So once you get clear about what pain points your services deal with, you can start to make a list of the types of people that will be struggling with that specific issue, really take the time to think of the type of person, because we can then make a list of places where you can find these potential clients, both online and in the real world.


I'm going to use my own business as an example here, my target audience is coaches, and their pain points are usually around not making enough money or getting enough clients, which is a massive pain point for them. I have positioned my services as a direct fix to this issue, as my coaching packages are designed to help coaches 'stand-out & make more money'. Now I know my target audience and their pain points, I can make a list of places I can find these people, both online and in the real world, so here are a few examples:

1: Coaching Directories (online)

2: Facebook Groups for Coaches (online)

3: Coaching Seminars (online & offline)

Make The Offer

Now you know where to find your perfect client, you must know what to say to them to really get them excited about working with you, and if you have the 'solution' to their 'pain', then it should be a fairly straightforward process. To guarantee you spark their interest, you must create a 'powerful pitch' (check out posts for more info on a 'powerful pitch'). This is where the magic happens (or doesn't happen in some cases), because you must reach out to the prospect and give them an easy way to interact with you for the first time, you can make them a personalised offer for a 15 minute call with you where you can provide them some value on their specific pain point, and in this 15 minute call, provide the maximum value possible. If you really provide value for them & prove that you are a credible expert on that topic, they will be very excited to learn more and continue to benefit from your expertise, leading them onto your 'P4P' or your Core Products & Services which provide even more in-depth value, or preferably some kind of transformation that they can share with their family, friends & loved you never know where your next referral will come from.


The insights and tools I give to you on my website work, this has been proven. There are other proven strategies on the internet that can be used to transform your coaching business too. None of these strategies work until you TAKE ACTION, i cannot stress this point enough, TAKE ACTION.

Think of what pain points your services deal with, and make an offer to some prospects who have been probably waiting for a long time to a solution for their when you just appear in their inbox out of no-where, with a powerful & value providing pitch, it's a game-changer.

Good luck, please drop and questions you may have in the comments.


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